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Beat Selling Tip #1 || Show Your Face

Beat Selling Tip

I see way to many music producers online hiding their faces behind a logo, or a photo of music gear. You need to stop that!

You need to work on building up your name and brand as a creator of quality music, and hiding your face doesn’t help this. You need to have a unique online presence to help stand out, and displaying your face can do that.

I have come across tons of faceless beat selling websites / beat selling profiles that I easily forget because they all look the same.

But if you add your photo on your site, and show some personality, you can help the visitor of your website ( or Facebook or Twitter page ) feel a better connection to you because you display that you are a real person.

I include my photo and about information on this site because I want to connect with people. I know this is a must for me to succeed. I need to know people, and I need them to know me. I’m working on my overall brand. I want people to think of Mark Valenzuela as a hard working, helpful individual, that is talented at a number of things. This helps to build trust. I also need my face to be recognizable to be able to network with others.

So start promoting your face today.

Photo Tips

  1. Have a high quality professional looking photo
  2. Be professional
  3. Include something music related so people can tell right away what you do
  4. Have a clear shot of your face

Here are a few photo examples of nice photos






Better Drums In 7 Minutes, Guaranteed. 

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