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Beatroot History Lesson w/ Kavet The Catalyst

A Beatroot History Lesson with Kavet the Catalyst from hypoetical on Vimeo.

Kavet The Catalyst, founder of of BeatRoot, takes viewers inside of LS Lab to talk learning production out of necessity and eventually founding Hawaii’s premier producer event.

Shout out to Upstairs Records, which used to advertise in all of the hip-hop magazines. This is where I too purchased my first belt driven Gemini turntables and later Technics 1200’s.

Lightsleepers/Beatroot founder Kavet the Catalyst speaks about the history of Hawaiiʻs long standing beat battle and his own experience as a beatmaker/producer.

Featuring special guest: Sentric.

Beatroot Grand Championships 2012
Friday, April 20 @ Loft in Space
9:00PM to 1:30AM HST

Kavet the Catalyst – Mastermind
hypoetical – Cinematography, Editing, Motion Graphics & Visual Design

All beats by Kavet the Catalyst.

Don’t sleep.

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